Protivin, Iowa

36th Annual Czech Days (August 15th - 17th)

36th Annual Czech Days are days full of events, food & beer tent, Kolaches, music, Polka Mass, cake walk, Bingo, crafts, softball, basketball, volleyball, dances, raffle, and lot of fun!

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Protivin, Iowa

Protivin is known for it's rich Czech heritage. Our town has been founded by Czech settlers in mid of 19th century, and named "Protivin" after the Bohemian town because the landscape reminded them of their home region. You may read more about history of Protivin in the History section.

Our town holds an annual weekend Czech Days festival each August where the Czech heritage is celebrated. Each winter we celebrate Masopust, a traditional Czech Carnival (Mardi Gras Style) before Lent.

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Masopust 2010
Masopust - Feb 13, 2010
Czech Days 2009
31st Annual Czech Days, August 2009
Holy Trinity Church
Holy Trinity Church
Pictures from the town
Bohemian Saving Bank

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<-h1>Original Czech Recipe

Soup with liver dumplings

(Polévka s játrovými knedlíčky)

Soup with liver dumplings is traditional czech soup. If your grandma still be hiding this recipe from you, get it from here.

Life in Protivin,1939-1940 (Part 1)
(a movie by George F. Mikesh)

Watch 1939-1940 B&W Home Movies Protivin Iowa (Part 2) on Youtube.

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